List of Gods from Egyptian Panthenon

Ogdoad DeitiesEdit

  • Nun - the god of primeval waters
  • Naunet - the goddess of primeval waters
  • Kuk - the god of darkness
  • Kauket - the goddess of twillight
  • Huh - the god of infinity
    • Renpet - the mistress of the sky and springtime.
  • Hauhet - the goddess of eternity
  • Amun - the god of hidden things/air
  • Amaunet - the goddess of air
  • Atum - the god of sun
  • Thoth - the god of wisdom, the one who laid the egg of cosmos

Heliopolitan DeitiesEdit

Theban DeitiesEdit

  • Mut - the vulture queen of gods
  • Khonsu /Aah - the god of intellect and education
  • Amun - the father and king of gods

Memphis DeitiesEdit

  • Ptah - the god of fertility and creator god of memphis
  • Sekhmet - the goddess of war and pestilence
  • Nefertum - the smiling lotus god

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