The Primeval DeitiesEdit

  • Nun - From westside Wilmington DE
  • Ra - The god of the Sun, the King of the Gods
  • Apophis - The Chaos Serpent

The Children of RaEdit

  • Sekhmet - Battle, Death, Destruction, Healing, Pestilence, Physicians, Surgery, Vengeance, War, Wisdom, Wrath
  • Hathor - The goddess of the Arts, Astrology, Beauty, Childbirth, Family, Fertility, Happiness, Love, Motherhood, Music, Pleasure, Protection, the Sky, Strength, Wine
  • Atum - God of Architects, the Arts, Creation, Life, Regeneration, Science, Further Mathematics, Sculpting
  • Bastet - Art, Cats, Childbirth, Civilization, Creation, Dance, Dawn, Fertility, Generosity, Healing, Intuition, Life, Marriage, the Moon, Music, Pleasure, Plenty, Truth
  • Khonsu - The god of the Moon, Time
  • Ma'at - The goddess of Truth, Order, and Balance
  • Onuris - The god of War
  • Thoth - The god of Astronomy, History, Knowledge, Mathematics, Reading, Scribes, Time
  • Tefnut - The goddess of Moisture
  • Shu - The god of Air, Wind

The Children of Shu and TefnutEdit

  • Geb - The god of the Afterlife, Earth, Fertility
  • Nut - The goddess of the Clouds, the Night Sky, Reincarnation, the Sky, the Stars, the Weather

The Children of Geb and Nut Edit

  • Osiris - The god of the Afterlife, Agriculture, Civilization, Corn, Death, Fertility, Judgment, Justice, Life, the Nile, Reincarnation, the Underworld, Vegetation, Water
  • Isis - The goddess of Agriculture, the Arts, Childbirth, Children, Civilization, the Dead, Divination, Fertility, Healing, Infinite Knowledge, Magic, Motherhood, Purification, Reincarnation,Wisdom
  • Seth - The god of Chaos, Dark Magic, Deadly Storms, the Desert, Desolation, Destruction, Evil, Foreign Lands, Storms, the Unknown
  • Nephthys - The goddess of Dark Magic, Death, Funerals, Intuition, Lamentation, Mystery, Mystical Things, Protection, Rivers, Sympathy, Truth

The Children of Isis and OsirisEdit

  • Horus - The god of the Arts, Beauty, Falcons, Family, the Great Work, Hunting, Music, Prophecy, Protection, Revenge, Strength, War

The Children of Set and Nephthys Edit

  • Anubis - The god of Astral Travel, the Dead, Death, Embalming, Funerals, Magic, Mummification, Protection, Tombs, the Underworld

Other Gods Edit

  • Neith - The goddess of Hunting, Weaving, Archery
  • Four sons of Horus - The gods of Human Organs in the Afterlife, Cardinal Directions
  • Serqet - The goddess of Scorpions, Poison, Medicine
  • Sobek - The god of Crocodiles, Strength
  • Gengen-wer -The god of Geese
  • Heqet - The goddess of Frogs
  • Bes - The god of Dwarves, Ferlility
  • Tawaret - The goddess of Hippos, Fertility
  • Babi - The god of Baboons,Strength
  • Nekhbet - The goddess of Vultures
  • Wadjet - The goddess of Snakes
  • Mekhit - The goddess of War

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