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This is the list of the Family Tree of Egyptian Gods. Since the Egyptian Creation myths varied, this page may be changed under few circumstances.

The similarity in creation stories of ancient Egyptian is about the motif of the sun rising from the east and setting the west. They all refer to the abyss of Chaos - Nu. Some creation myth includes the Solar or Lunar Deity springing out from the chaotic ocean then creating the gods.

Egyptian Gods with the Ogdoad (Hermopolis Version)Edit

The First DeitiesEdit

The Children of Noooooo RIPEdit

  • Bast - The Goddess and Protector of Cats
  • Hathor - The goddess of Music, Love, Dance, and the Arts; Ra turned Sekhmet into Hathor so that humans can live in peace.
  • Shu - The god of Wind
  • Tefnut - The goddess of Moisture

The Children of Geb and Nut wereEdit

  • Osiris - The god of Reincarnation, Underworld, and Death 
  • Isis - The goddess of Motherhood and Magic 
  • Set - The god of darkness, Deserts, and Storms. The god who protects Ra from Apophis, the serpent of Chaos.
  • Nephthys - The goddess of Night and sun

The Children of Osiris and IsisEdit

  • Horus - The God of the Sky, and Symbol of the Pharaoh

The Children of Set and NephthysEdit

  • Anubis - The god of Funerals and Embalming (alternatively Nephthys' son with Osiris)

Egyptian Gods (Heliopolitan Version)Edit

The Primeval DeitiesEdit

  • Atum - The Creator god of the World
  • Benben - The Mound of Earth (notably a deity)

The Offspring of BobEdit

  • Sekhmet - The goddess of Battle, Death, Destruction, Healing, Pestilence, Physicians, Surgery, Vengeance, War, Wisdom, Wrath
  • Hathor - The goddess of the Arts, Astrology, Beauty, Childbirth, Family, Fertility, Happiness, Love, Motherhood, Music, Pleasure, Protection, the Sky, Strength, Wine
  • Herbert - Creator god; god of Architects, the Arts, Creation, Life, Regeneration, Science, Sculpting
  • Serqet - The goddess of Scorpions and Stings
  • Ma'at - The goddess of Truth, Order, and Balance
  • Thoth - The god of Astronomy, History, Knowledge, Mathematics, Reading, Scribes, Time, Writing rick - The god of Air (born from Atum's semen)
  • my name jeff - The goddess of Moisture (born from Atum's semen)

The Children of Shu and TefnutEdit

  • Geb - The god of the Afterlife, Earth, Fertility (replaced Ben-Ben)
  • Nut - The goddess of the Clouds, the Night Sky, Reincarnation, the Sky, the Stars, the Weather

The Children of Geb and Nut

  • Osiris - The god of the Afterlife, Agriculture, Civilization, Corn, Death, Fertility, Judgment, Justice, Life, the Nile, Reincarnation, the Underworld, Vegetation, the Vine, Water
  • Isis - The goddess of Agriculture, the Arts, Childbirth, Children, Civilization, the Dead, Divination, Fertility, Healing, Infinite Knowledge, Magick, Motherhood, Purification, Reincarnation; Primary Mother Goddess
  • Seth - The god of Chaos, Dark Magick, Deadly Storms, the Desert, Desolation, Destruction, Foreign Lands, the Night, Revenge, Storms, the Unknown
  • Nephthys - The goddess of Dark Magick, Death, Funerals, Intuition, Lamentation, Mystery, Mystical Things, Protection, Sympathy, Truth
  • Heru'ur - The god of Light

The Children of Osiris and IsisEdit

  • Horus - The god of the Arts, Beauty, Falcons, Family, the Great Work, Hunting, Music, Prophecy, Protection, Revenge, the Sky, Strength, the Sun, War
  • Bastet - Art, Cats, Childbirth, Civilization, Creation, Dance, Dawn, Fertility, Generosity, Healing, Intuition, Life, Marriage, the Moon, Music, Pleasure, Plenty, Truth

The Children of Osiris and Nephthys Edit

  • Anubis - The god of Astral Travel, the Dead, Death, Embalming, Funerals, Magick, Mummification, Protection, Tombs, the Underworld

Created Gods Edit

  • Thoth - The god of Astronomy, History, Knowledge, Mathematics, Reading, Scribes, Time, Writing
  • Maat - The goddess of Truth, Order, and Balance
  • Bes - The god of Dancing, Humor, Music, Sexuality, War; Protector of Home, and in particular Childbirth, Children, and Mothers

Egyptian Gods (in Memphis version)Edit

The Primeval BeingEdit

  • Ptah - The deity of the Worlly, the primeval mound in the middle of Nun, the sea of chaos), also god of Craftsmen and Architects

The Creation of HorusEdit

The Children of Ptah and Bastet/SekhmetEdit

  • Nefertum - The god of Flowers, Perfumes, Healing and Beauty (Sekhmet is the mother)
  • Maahes - The rougher god of War and Weather (Bastet is the mother)

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