Cult Center: Hermopolis
Deity of: {{{Deity of?}}}
Consort: Hauhet
Sibling: Khepri, Hauhet, Amun, Amaunet, Kuk, Kauket and Thoth, Nun and Naunet
Symbol: {{{Symbol}}}
Parents: None
Offspring: {{{Offspring}}}
Huh is the sky god of infinity. He is a deification of endlessness. The other common representation depicts him crouching, holding a palm stem in each hand (or just one), sometimes with a palm stem in his hair, as palmstems represented long life to the Egyptians, the years being represented by notches on it. Depictions of this form also had a shen ring at the base of each palm stem, which represented infinity. He is a frog-headed god.

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