Cult Center: Leontopolis
Deity of: Moisture
Consort: Shu
Sibling: Shu
Symbol: Lioness
Parents: Amun
Offspring: Geb and Nut
Tefnut, the personification of moisture and rain. She is the primordial goddess in Heliopolitan Myth . With Shu, she is the mother of Geb and Nut. She is shown to be fierce as the lion goddess of rain. She is also personified as Mafdet or Sekhmet both, the lion goddesses. Tefnet was often represented as a lioness and was thus connected with other leonine goddesses as the Eye of Ra . As her brother and consort Shu was also sometimes depicted as a lion they were worshiped as a pair of lions in Leontopolis in the Delta.

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